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Viddy-Poems comprises eight essentially homemade collages of image and sound, illustrating a selection of Jim Ferguson's poems. The eighth track features a recording of the late John McGarrigle's work read by Jim Ferguson.
Viddy-Poems DVD Jim Ferguson
Jim Ferguson's satire on the referendum campaign for Scottish Independence.
The Pine-Box-Jig Involves no Dancing
Graham Brodie's new collection of short stories. Dark, humorous and mesmerising.
Snap Out of It - Graham Brodie - Stories
Jim Ferguson's debut novel, set in Glasgow and Edinburgh follows Bobby Fitzpatrick through pool halls and darkest recesses of his mind.
Punk Fiddle - a novel - Jim Ferguson
Poems selected and read by the author with musical accompaniments by Maria Leahy, Oliver Woods & Alan Beauvison. Tracks include: John Lennon's Elbow, Ms Mati becomes a mother, Empty Hello ('the close') and Lament the choruses through your broken heart
more than quirky - 20 Poems